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This Charming Man

I adore Morrissey in this clip. he's cleary out of his nut!


Public Service Announcement

I'm almost ridiculously excited right about now.
'07 is already a great year for music.
The new Kings of Leon, Maximo Park, The Shins Intercooler, Klaxons and Patrick Wolf albums are already out and it's only April!

I'm hanging out for next month when the new Bravery album's out, so exciting!

also waiting for Crowded House, Spoon and best of all the new Ryan Adams!!!!!


it's called Easy Tiger and it's going to be amazing!!!! I can't say for sure but i'm guessing it's going to be my fav album out this year...

I want to hear it now!


it was suppose to be out on the 5th of June but it's been pushed back to the 26th. I'm hoping it doesn't get pushed back anymore...

must go... gotta go listen to the Pop Levi cd I've got a review for it due on Monday...


2006 - such an awesome year for music!!!

I was trying to figure out what my fav album of the 06' could possibly be and I can't decide!!!

there are just too many to choose from!

So that being the case I've decided to make a list...

(In no particular order)

The Kooks - Inside In Inside Out

We Are Scientists - With Love and Squalor

The Whitlams - Little Cloud

The Killers - Sam's Town

Starky - Starky

Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo To Anywhere

Darren Hanlon - Fingertips and Mountain Tops

The Stokes - First Impressions of Earth

Red Riders - Replica Replica

Field Music - Field Music

Mary Trembles - P.S Situation

Youth Group - Casino Twilight Dogs

The Panda Band - This Vital Chapter

The Stills - Without Feathers

and those are just the ones that I've become addicted to!

There are a ton of others that are extremly good as well, they just haven't spent quite as much time in my CD players as these like Augie March, Razorlight, The Rapture, The Horrors, Dappeled Cities, Bright Eyes, Ben Kweller, John Mayer, Pinky Beecroft and the White Russians and The Vines for instance.


I would recommend ANY of these CD's they're all great.

In fact I think I'm going to go listen to one of them right now


I was atempting to orginise my cd's earlier, it didn't go well...

I own so many freakin cd's that it's near impossible to put them in any kind of order, alphabetical or other wise.

Not that I really want them in alphabetical order, thats just a little too anal for me...

anyway what really occurred to me today is that there are some serious holes in my collection. And that i'm completly in love with RYAN ADAMS!!!!!

I love his music so very much and in a couple of days i should finally have his first solo cd Heartbreaker. Which I have been trying to find forever. so yay! then i'll own them all. So V. exciting!

just some thoughts

Ok so the majority of today has been dedicated to avoiding the 2 assignments that I have due within the next week. I know I should have been working on them but it just really didn't seem like something that I 'wanted' to be doing. ya know?

Anyway while on my journey through the wonderful world of procrastination I was looking through my cd's trying to decide if I wanted to listen to Eskimo Joe, Girl or Starky's Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre when my eyes landed on Ryan Adams Rock N Roll. And I realised that I've barely listened to this album since I brought it, I've listened to the songs off it many, many times as they're ripped to my computer but not the album as a whole and since It was the very first Ryan Adams album I brought (probably not a good move considering it sounds nothing like his other stuff, but how was I to know that at the time?) it has a certain soft spot in my heart and since I brought it in 2003 that means its been 3 years since it's been listened to in it's entirety!

I know that to most people this wouldn't bother them but I ADORE listening to albums in full. I look upon them as an artform. This is the way the songs were meant to be heard. Good Albums have a flow, they tell a story they are a snapshot of the songwriters mindset at that moment in time. A good album can transport you, show you a side of things that would otherwise go unexplored. Songs that sometimes seem a little below par can suddenly become an incredible visionary entity, if put inside the context of an 'album'.

Anyway, so I ended up listening to Rock N Roll and I think I fell in love with Ryan Adams all over again... This is in no way my favourite album of his, not even close, but it reminds me why I liked him in the first place. His raw energy, incredible talent and soleful honesty that sets him above so many others of his generation.

Well I think I've managed to put most of you to sleep with my self indulgent rant but if any of you are still reading then I urge you to walk over to you cd collection and pick an album that you love but haven't listened to in awhile and just take it in, soak it up and roll around in all the reasons that you loved it in the first place.



fun bit o'trivia for ya, well not really but still... :DCollapse )

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